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Poggenpohl is proud to be a partner of Fine Cuisine show on the Vietnam national television channel – VTV4.

Poggenpohl is proud to be a partner of Fine Cuisine show on the Vietnam national television channel – VTV4.

Fine Cuisine is a quality TV show subscribed by audiences from all over Vietnam and other countries, particularly those who love the dedication and uniqueness of different regions of Vietnam. The 30-minute TV show in English with Vietnamese subtitles is schedule at 9:30 PM every Thursday.

Cheese is a tasty, high nutrition food containing a significant proportion of protein. It is obvious that a lot of heart-melted foodies can not resist this super-delicious bite.

In many Western countries, cheese is compulsory for most of the cases, no matter that you are making a pizza, cooking soup, mixing salad, preparing dessert, or just enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. It can exaggerate the main taste and complete the experience of the diners.

There are various types of cheese which mostly are animal dairy products (it can be cow, goat, or sheep milk). Two primary categories are fresh cheese and moisture cheese. Each category consists of 3-5 sub-class.

Fresh cheese includes cottage cheese, cream cheese an Italian ricotta

Moisture cheese is divided by firmness.

  • Soft cheese such as Feta, Brie, and Camembert can be used after 10 days of maturation.
  •  Hard cheese is matured for a longer period of time and separated into semi-soft (sometimes called semi-hard) and hard cheese, for example, Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan and Romano.
  • There is another extended type named Blue cheese, in which molds are presented. The common names are Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton.

There are just so many types of cheese to choose from!

But today, you don’t need to think twice about it! Let’s join us in a 2-minute talk at Poggenpohl +SEGMENTO with Canadian chef, Davin Reid. He will show you how to make HOMEMADE CHEESE within 2 simple steps.

The video is recorded for the Fine Cuisine show of Vietnam national television channel – VTV4 scheduled at 9:30 PM every Thursday.

Please enjoy the show!

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